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Site Prep and Construction Site Awareness

At Western Concrete, we specialize in providing strong foundations for all types of structures. We have extensive experience in knowledge of the soil types in our region. We ensure that each foundation is constructed with the highest level of precision and accuracy. Our aim is to maximize the efficiency of the soil volume while ensuring effective water drainage away from the structure. This contributes to the longevity of the foundation and the safety of the entire structure.

Western Concrete Services
 Excavation Polk County Wisconsin

Residential Construction

Slab on Grade Mini Storage

Commercial Construction

Moisture Control Solutions

Agricultural Construction

  • Excavation includes comprehensive site assessment, highlighting elevations which are critical to final site contours and grades.

  • Services in Excavation include, site access, driveways, demo, lot clearing, septic referrals, and silt fence.

  • Building points and elevations on project site are located using Trimble Robotic Total Station.

  • Excavation and backfill procedures are performed with care by Western Concrete foreman.

  • Western Concrete continually uses quality components which exceed local building code requirements.

  • Footing and site layout is performed using a Robotic Total Station providing precision in concrete foundation construction.

  • Foundation construction is completed using Western Aluminum Forms insuring strength and durability.

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Including Early Entry Saw Cutting-


  • Slabs are prepped and placed with Machine Control Systems.

  • Laser Graders and concrete levelers perform cut and fill function at desired elevation or slab thickness with precision.

  • Experienced finishers insure a good outcome.

  • Soft-Cut Early Entry saws are used to minimize random cracking.

Moisture Control Solutions
  • Waterproofing prevents water from penetrating the concrete's pours which minimizes freeze thaw damaging the structural integrity of the foundation.

  • Waterproofing bridges the gaps and cracks caused by normal shrinking during curing.

  • Drain Tile placed at footing grade channels water away from the foundation ensuring that basement space remains dry.

  • Rigid foam insulation offers an extra layer of protection from freeze-thaw cycles, reducing minor expansion and contraction as the earth's temperatures fluctuate. 

  • Insulation lowers energy bills, protects from condensation, moisture and mold, resulting in a dry living space.

  • Using a Vapor Retarder or Barrier reduces vapor transmission through floor slab.

Waterproofing - Sub-grade Prep - Floor Drains - Ridgid Insulation - Drain Tile
Trimble Robotic Total Station
Trimble Robotic Total Station

Robotic total station reduces workforce and saves

time. More importantly, these units are extremely accurate providing contractors better control of tolerance and better quality control overall. 

 The Process:

  • Cad files are prepared with new building information points.

  • Reference points and setbacks on site are established.

  • Physical layout is performed to identify key building points.

  • Record points for back site are recorded ensuring the building can be re-located with no measurable discrepancies.


Western Concrete schedules and coordinates all inspections.​ 

  • Footing

  • Wall

  • Drain Tile

  • Poly Vapor Barrier

  • In-Floor Heat Tubes


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